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About Us


The Company

Raad Algen is a German company that specializes in the production of nutritional food supplements based on the abundant and naturally-growing premium AFA algae which is successfully marketed worldwide.

For the manufacture of our products, Raad Algen combines German expertise with the know-how of renowned international partners.

Among other things, the sales success of our products can be attributed to the high quality standards utilized during their entire production process. These standards guarantee that the rich content of the AFA algae is unfolded in pure form in our quality products: 100 % natural. Furthermore, we consider close proximity to our customers as well as the close collaboration with well-established service providers and suppliers as an essential factor of success.

The company headquarters of Raad Algen are situated in the center of Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany with the world-famous port and a trading tradition for about 1.000 years. Hamburg’s international trade relations can be dated back to the 11th century. In Germany, the city is also known as the “Gate to the world” and offers ideal location conditions also for our company.

We hope that the following abstract gives you interesting insights into our activities and illustrates the key production steps of our preparations – from the harvest of the algae to the final product of the known algae powder preparations of the product lines:

  • AFA Care
  • AFA Nil
  • Omega3

All products of Raad Algen are purely vegetable and registered as nutritional supplements with the German Federal Office for Consumer Protection as well as with the IFA, the information office for proprietary medicinal products.

Our Chain of Success

For centuries – some sources even speak of thousands of years – algae have enriched the human nutrition in different forms.  However, nothing is artificially modified during the growth of the AFA algae, so that it keeps its originality and its vast nutritional profile intact, so to speak as primal algae with an impressing variety of vital substances.

Therefore, the chain of success begins with the wild-growing blue-green AFA algae flourishing under natural conditions in the Klamath Lake in Oregon / USA, a unique biotope.

The Upper Klamath Lake

The Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon with a surface of 360 square kilometers is one of the largest lakes in the world. It is located on a height of approx. 1400 meters and is surrounded by a volcanic area. The local natural conditions are an almost ideal habitat for the AFA algae that are supplied with plenty of minerals and trace elements. Here, a brief overview of the contained vital substances may indicate the enormous content diversity of the AFA algae:

  • Biologically high-quality protein with a high proportion of essential amino acids
  • Vitamines
  • Minerals
  • Beta-carotenes
  • Enzymes
  • Lipids

Additionally, the AFA algae with its chlorophyll content of 2-3 %, belongs to the group of plants with the highest chlorophyll content on earth.

The Harvest

The algae is wild-harvested on the Klamath Lake with specially constructed harvester and custom chilling boats, and is transported, cleaned and processed into powder in a nutrient-friendly manner. This expensive and cost-consuming process guarantees the conservation of the ingredients as basis of the final product. We buy the active ingredient, the AFA algae powder, without intermediaries directly from the US American producer who is Halal certified.


The Production Process

The actual production of our AFA-Care capsules is made in Germany under production conditions that comply with the Medical Devices Act and they are certified accordingly. The filling of the prepared capsules with the algae powder is thus carried-out in accordance with high standards so that the quality of our products is constantly guaranteed.

The capsules used for Raad Algen are made of cellulose under ISO certified conditions and are also pure vegetable.

Back to completion: The empty cellulose capsules are filled with the algae powder supplied from the US with great care and under quality control during every production stage – without additional ingredients: 100 % AFA algae powder.

It is filled hygienically into handy, tried and tested cans. After the successfully completed final inspection under laboratory conditions, each can of Raad-Algen AFA capsules is furnished with a quality label that guarantees freshness and integrity of the package to the customer.

Today, we supply our preparations worldwide and exclusively offer Halal products according to the Islamic Guidelines. As already mentioned, all components of our products are pure vegetable so that they don’t contain any questionable ingredients and thus, they are suitable for vegetarians.

Our preparations of our product lines are each commercially available as capsule with 400 mg content in packages of 90, 240 or 300 pieces. In Germany, our products are offered in every pharmacy, internationally they can also be ordered at our authorized distribution partners.


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