AFA-Care Plus 240 Kaps


<strong>The AFA algae powder in our capsules is a purely natural product.</strong>

All our products consist of two components; the AFA algae powder and a vegan capsule. The algae are harvested carefully, dried and ground at the Upper-Klamath-Lake in Oregon, and no additives are added. The AFA algae powder is free from gluten, wheat, dairy products, soya and all forms of genetic manipulation. Our capsules, in which the AFA algae powder is administered, are purely herbal and are therefore recognized as vegan. From a chemical point of view our products AFA-Care Plus and AFA-NIL plus are the same.

Recommended daily intake

Unless prescribed otherwise, our recommended daily intake is one capsule a day during the first week of consumption. In the following weeks the dose increases by one capsule each week, so that from week four onwards the intake adds up to four capsules a day until the capsules are used up.

With preference the capsules are swallowed in the morning on an empty stomach with enough water (please don’t chew nor suck the capsules).
<li>Children should not exceed the intake of two capsules a day until the age of 12 years. Under the age of six years, the intake of AFA Kaps is not recommended.</li>

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